Investment in Africa’s Agriculture is a big solution to the world food problems and since the governments cannot solve all these problems alone, it is important to create Platforms for individuals and corporate organizations to explore the opportunities without being limited by finance, space and time.

Blockchain technology can be deployed to the financing of agriculture through tokenization of agricultural ventures or assets backed by real life projects and secured through third party expertise and services.

This is why we launched the FarmKoin

FarmKoin is the first Agricultural utility token, designed to become the currency of the world’s first agricultural ecosystem.

With FarmKoin, we are building a world class agricultural eco system to solve agricultural finance problems by creating the platform for viable agribusinesses to raise cheaper and faster finance while protecting the investors and creating a transparent workflow and relationship, through the deployment of already existent Blockchain technology.  The technology will handle finance, operations, data management across agricultural value chains, and cross boarder agricultural transactions across Africa.

Some of the problems FarmKoin will solve in the agriculture ecosystem include but not limited to:

  1. Currency Risk for companies and investors.
  2. Policy Risk.
  3. Difficulty in International Transactions.
  4. Non Flexibility of Investments.
  5. Illiquidity of Agricultural Investments.
  6. High capital agricultural Investment.
  7. Vulnerability of Agricultural Investors.

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Therefore seeks to facilitate:

  1. Micro Investments.
  2. High Profit.
  3. Liquidity.
  4. Dollar Based Investment.
  5. International Transactions.
  6. Internet Based.
  7. Investor Controlled.
  8. Food Security.
  9. Climate Smart Agriculture.
  10. Capital Raising.
  11. Making agricultural gains available to all and sundry.


With FarmKoin, we will together build a formidable agricultural ecosystem on a massive decentralized ecosystem that will revolutionize Africa’s agriculture and ensure that your token continues to grow in value, as the economy expands, opening the gate to a potential 30,000% growth within the next 60 month.

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download white paper here

FarmKoin – Scaling Agriculture



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