As of 2013 when the world just began to embrace the crypto currency and blockchain, on about 66 coins were known. Within the space of 9 years, the number had grown by about 16,000 percent, with unprecedented growth starting in 2017 and still soaring. Though about a thousand of these coins have now failed, yet every day sees the creation and release of about 100 new coins.

Every coin or token is designed to serve specific purposes and solve particular problems. This is why a coin with sustainable prospect must be unique!

Just like FarmKoin is different from other tokens in the market.

So what makes the FarmKoin different?

Here are 7 reasons FarmKoin is different from other tokens you know.

  1. Agriculture!

Food, nutrition and agriculture is a global concern and no one can deny the importance of food and agriculture in the world economy and peace. Africa needs to be able to explore the enormous potential it holds in agriculture, which has been limited by access to finance. With the blockchain technology, finance could be attracted to Africa’s agricultural sector and unleash the potential of the rich continent. FarmKoin will unlock the wealth of more African farmers and increase their productivity by facilitating commercial scale farming, creating more employment, balancing immigration while providing more food for the world.

  1. FarmKoin focuses on Africa.

FarmKoin’s focus is to help African farmers have better access to agricultural finance. Even take a step further to help in the provision of support services that enhance their productivity and business growth. Africa holds 69 percent of global agricultural land and it is the continent with the youngest population. It is even projected that Africa’s population will double by 2050, thus becoming the most populous continent on earth.

So what will Africa eat?

What will the world eat?

Who will finance Africa’s agriculture?

FarmKoin is developed to help the hardworking innovative African farmer access better finances and support services through blockchain technology, therefore contributing to food security and agricultural development.

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  1. The Ecosystem.

FarmKoin is the utility token for its ecosystem, which features diverse solutions such as blockchain-based fintech, precision agriculture, international market place, agricultural metaverse, NFT market place, agricultural Launchpad, training communities as well as freelance job community and more. The eco system is designed to be robust and grow very fast building its economy across diverse agricultural solutions to a multi-billion dollars ecosystem. This influences the value of the token and drives it to the sky.

  1. The Backend Structure.

Every investor wants peace of mind and a huge sense of security on his investments. This is why the backend structure of FarmKoin’s ecosystem understands the need for investors’ protection. While FarmKoin is the currency of the ecosystem, the Launchpad will feature individual security tokens, regulated and backed by real life agricultural projects. These projects will be insured and monitored by third party financial and agricultural organizations. FarmKoin with its ecosystem is therefore not created just to raise funds, but to create a system that protects the investor the investee.

  1. The nature of the token.

After the launch of FarmKoin, the ecosystem will release its Launchpad, allowing agribusinesses to access finance through the blockchain system. FarmKoin being the utility token will increase in value as the economy of the ecosystem expands due to the introduction of new projects and ventures. The token is designed for diverse use cases in transactions involving trades, services, games, gambling, investments and banking. As the US Dollars to majority of international transactions, like the bitcoin, BNB, USDT and the likes on the crypto world, so is FarmKoin on the future Africa’s agricultural blockchain system.

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  1. It is a gold mine.

Nothing assures growth in the value of a token than multiple use case. But one of the beautiful things about FarmKoin is that its holders don’t even have to invest it before its value grows. Just holding the token can guarantee you some earnings as the economy of the ecosystem expands. But what of other earning opportunities through airdrops, bounties and giveaway?

  • Earning opportunities through generous referral systems?
  • Gambling, staking, spot and market trades?
  • Blockchain driven fintech solutions?
  • Cross boundary trades and financial transactions?
  • Or even earning profit trading the token over the counter as an approved dealer broker.

Your earning potential holding a FarmKoin is unlimited.

  1. It is an African development token.

FarmKoin will revolutionize Africa’s agriculture, affecting how agriculture is financed as well as how international agricultural trades are handled. One amazing thing is that FarmKoin will reduce poverty and hunger therefore improving good health and wellbeing in Africa. Since there is no gender discrimination in the blockchain world, FarmKoin will also contribute to quality education, reduced inequalities, decent work and economic growth and innovation through its ecosystem of its gig economy of training and freelance employment. FarmKoin prioritizes climate smart farming and utilization of renewable energies and believes that the partnerships facilitated by the ecosystems will give room to development of peace justice and strong institutions. FarmKoin is a game changer!

FarmKoin, scaling Africa’s Agriculture

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