(How you can make money from FarmKoin. Discuss presale, white sale and IEO)

What is the hype about FarmKoin and why is everyone talking about it. Why does everyone want to have a share of this amazing token?

Well, no one wants to be left behind when opportunities comes calling, and recognizing your gold mine is great to put you a step ahead of everyone.

FarmKoin is utilizes the blockchain technology to scale agriculture across diverse value chains. The token is fast becoming popular amongst Africans home and abroad, with more person hopping on the token on a daily basis.

To learn more please download Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at www.farmkoin.com

 So why would anyone want to invest in FarmKoin?


First, FarmKoin is the first token developed solely to service an agricultural blockchain ecosystem, facilitating investments in various agricultural value chains. FarmKoin is building a robust ecosystem that merges the power of Blockchain, information technology and agriculture in an innovative stride to scale and transform Africa’s agriculture.  FarmKoin will enable transparent and secured investment into agricultural projects across Africa, therefore empowering African agripreneurs and investors alike.  FarmKoin plans to support about a thousand project across Africa building a multibillion dollar agricultural blockchain economy.  Like bitcoin, FarmKoin’s potential is huge and only when we stop eating that its use case in agriculture will become obsolete.

To learn more please download Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at www.farmkoin.com


Definitely, no one wants to be on a band wagon, you want to associate with unique innovative projects like FarmKoin and the associated ecosystem that looks to solving some of the Africa’s agricultural finance problems. The structure of the token ensure continuity and sustainability of projects, with ecosystem designed for continuous economic expansion which in turn increases the value of the token. Capped at just 100,000,000 units, FarmKoin’s economy is designed to hit 40 Billion USD in 10 years or much less, with real assets secured by third party financial and real-estate services to facilitate investors’ protection and benchmarking the value of the Token, meaning you will protected from absolute loss.


As the USD is a major currency for international transactions, and Bitcoin, USDT or BNB in the crypto world, FarmKoin is the currency of the Agricultural blockchain ecosystem. The ecosystem will support diverse agricultural value chains such as Climate Smart Agriculture, Production, Processing and Distribution Solutions, Agricultural Information Technology and Data, Agricultural Real Estate, Food and Nutrition, Training, Agricultural Media, Input Development and Supply, Agricultural commodity trade. The ecosystem will facilitate transparent agricultural investments and data management with the focus on helping 1,000 African agribusinesses create their own blockchain capital market for fundraising and regulations.

To learn more please download Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at www.farmkoin.com


FarmKoin is coming to scale Africa’s agriculture finance. This will have impact on the global food production and nutrition. But what does the future hold for FarmKoin? FarmKoin will commence its entrance with a presale of 3.5 USD per token, prior to another white-sale which puts the price at 5USD per token. Should anyone miss any of these two presales, they have the option to participate in the hybrid ICO/IDO launch that throws the token out again at 7 USD per token.

Here is the interesting thing, if you buy at the presale, in May, you will have doubled you money in August at the ICO/IDO. And if you have jumped in on the white sales, you would have made 4% in just 2 months. After the ICO/IDO closes, the token moves to the exchange and list with entry at 10 USD per token, putting the presales participants at 286% growth, while the white sales participants are counting 100% growth and the ICO/IDO runners are hitting 43% growth all within the space of 6 months.

After listing, Launchpad and projects begin get listed on the ecosystem with more aggressive and massive campaign around the globe. Within the first 18 months, 12 projects will be listed to the tune of well over $290 Million USD, and the successful listing of this projects are expected to drive the token further up by additional 49% from the listing price. Overall, in 5 years, the token is estimated to do about 30,000% growth from the first presale, with price hitting 1,000 USD/ token. Therefore just buying and holding the token, even without investing it, can simply make you few buck richer.

So you want to know how you can make money from FarmKoin.

  1. First of all, just buy and hold, you can double your token value within 6 months, Spot Trade, Futures, P2P Trades, Staking. FarmKoin is even introducing Over The Counter trading, that empowers about 1,000 brokers globally to make money selling FarmKoins and other security tokens on the eco system. During the initial stage, FarmKoin will definitely have bounties, airdrops and token giveaways, which are redeemable by beneficiaries. What fun will it be to merge agriculture, block chain and sport betting? So be ready to make sport betting with FarmKoin. Solving cross boarder payment, Crypto fiat linkages, crypto loans and other crypto based fintech solution, the dynamics and potential of FarmKoin is unlimited, the question is if you are taking action right now.

To learn more please download Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at www.farmkoin.com


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