FarmKoin Revolutionizing the Agricultural Industry with Blockchain Technology


Food is one of the major necessities for humans to survive and agriculture is that vehicle that helps in the cultivation, harvesting, processing, distribution, and consumption of food. When most people hear agriculture, they think of farming. However, in reality, It is a major industry that is not limited to farming. The agricultural value chain is more extensive than what most of us know.

Africa’s food, agriculture will be worth $1 trillion by 2030 -AfDB president. The potential that the Agricultural industry holds is remarkable (just so we don’t use impressive twice)e and what is even more impressive is the fact that 60% of the arable land in the world is in Africa. This means there are billions of investment opportunities in the African agricultural industry in the next 10 years. Despite all the opportunities that are present in the African agricultural industry, it does not receive sufficient attention. For instance, Nigeria, the current biggest economy in Africa, has allocated only about 5.4% of capital raised to agriculture. 


In the 20th century, China struggled to feed its population seeing that they had only 7% of the arable land. Nevertheless, these days China is able to cater to the agricultural needs of 22% of the world (the largest of any country). This was achieved through vast investment in proper agricultural policies, technologies, and a generally efficient agricultural value chain.

While the agriculture industry can achieve a lot by itself, imagine what it can achieve by combining with other major industries in the world like Finances (fintech) (22.5 Trillion USD), Real Estate (9.6 Trillion USD), e-Commerce (9.09 Trillion USD), food and Information Technology (5 Trillion USD each). Integrating all these industries into one ecosystem using Blockchain Technology will be a turning point for the agricultural industry in Africa.

Now imagine the said ecosystem above with its own currency; FARMKOIN. A digital currency that cuts across border limitations and constrictions. FarmKoin will make business and trading run more efficiently and even faster. It doesn’t matter which of the aggregated industries needs to trade, which country or continent you’re trading from; FarmKoin will make every transaction seamless. 

Blockchain is changing the world and many industries but no one seems to be taking the agricultural industry into consideration. However, Farmkoin sees the boundless opportunity in the agricultural industry by enabling a unified currency via Blockchain technology.

FarmKoin seeks to serve as the conduit of opportunities in the agricultural industry by decentralizing agricultural finance and transactions. The token (FarmKoin) plans to create a platform for innovative agricultural systems to raise funds, monitor utilization of funds, optimize funds, and speed up operations while also ensuring proper and transparent documentation and consumer protection and security.

Blockchain Technology will help in the financing of agriculture by tokenization of real-life agricultural projects procured through expertise and services. 

With FarmKoin,  the plan is to solve agricultural finance problems by creating the platform for viable agribusiness to raise cheaper and faster finance for agriculture and commodity trade while protecting the investors and creating a transparent workflow and relationship by making full use of already existing Blockchain Technology.


Agricultural initiatives and businesses will have the chance to raise cash by issuing tokens through a dedicated agricultural token exchange. These tokens can also be listed on the first-ever blockchain market specialized to food and agriculture. The. The goal of the Exchange and the associated ecosystem is to tap into just 5% of the agricultural economy of Africa by 2030 by creating an ecosystem for 1,000 leading agribusinesses, to the tune of a 50 Billion USD ecosystem economy.

Categories of Tokens

The exchange and the ecosystem as a whole are intended to be versatile by accepting and accommodating all categories of tokens.


        1.  Security token: In typical finance, a security is described as a stake of ownership in a publicly-traded company (like shares of stock), a creditor relationship with a public entity (such as a bond), or in the case of options contracts, a right to ownership. Hence, security tokens are simply tokenized securities. They are digital representations of traditional securities that live on blockchain technology. These tokens usually represent ownership of a fraction of any valuable asset, like a car, real estate, or corporate stock. Therefore, security tokens will be supported in the ecosystem.


        1. Governance Token: Projects that require voting rights may also utilize a governance token and this can also be listed on the exchange.


        1. Utility Tokens: The main Utility token on the platform will be FarmKoin which will be the transactional coin on the platform. Other issuers may also issue utility tokens that can be listed, provided they do not compete on purpose with FarmKoin.


        1. NFT: Non Fungible Tokens will also be allowed, especially in the meta-verse space, where users can create and sell NFTs to raise capital for projects.


      1. Stable Coins: At the introduction of payment and loan solutions, a stable version of FarmKoin will also be available for transactions that require the engagement of stable coins.

Blockchain in other Agricultural Ventures.

FarmKoin will facilitate the engagement of blockchain on other aspects of agricultural value chains directly or through partnerships with relevant organizations. The future is to create a boundless agricultural ecosystem that allows Africans to trade in agriculture driven by verifiable data and transparency.

Any crypto asset’s pre-sale price is often less than the listing price. Purchasing FarmKoin during the pre-sale period will result in a profit of about 200% by the time the coin is listed.

I’m not sure what else could be considered a clever move.


During the pre-sale, getting FarmKoin is a golden opportunity, an opportunity worth extending to your network of friends and family. Inform them about this opportunity to get onboard FarmKoin with first mover’s advantage.

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