FarmKoin Ecosystem

It is not just about holding a token, it is about what the token is doing.

What is the ecosystem built around the token?

The great potential of FarmKoin is based on its ecosystem and the use cases.

 So, what is an Eco-System?

Simply put, an ecosystem it is an interconnection of complex systems or otherwise complex interconnection of systems.

Systems drive the world, drive nature and succeeding organizations.

So what is the system around FarmKoin, what is its ecosystem?

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 So what is the ecosystem of FarmKoin?

The primary aim of FarmKoin is to enable a space on the block chain for Africa’s agriculture. This will enable innovative farmers in Africa to raise funds for their projects. The ecosystem will support Climate Smart Agriculture, Production, Processing and Distribution of agricultural produce and products, Agricultural Information Technology and Data, Agricultural Real Estate, Food and Nutrition, Training and consultancy, Agricultural Media Services, Input Development and Supply, Agricultural commodity trade and agricultural supply chain management. With its own blockchain, Farmers in the ecosystem can simply raise capital by issuing either debt or equity security tokens.

With its private blockchain, and Launchpad, throwing brilliant tokenized agricultural ventures to investors will facilitate growth for young agripreneurs in Africa.  So what makes the Ecosystem special?   The ecosystem will enable the listing of diverse agricultural security tokens on the world’s first agricultural blockchain exchange with FarmKoin as the utility token on the Ecosystem. A cloud solution available on Android and iOS systems giving access to investors anywhere in the world. Though a digital investment, it is designed to have a strong offline security features such as the employment of trustees over assets of token issuers, insurance on projects, real time data and monitoring of project for early warning of risks, bailout pool for salvageable failing projects and more to keep the investors protected. With its global reach, it will support cross boarder agricultural transactions and trades with minimal transaction costs.

 The Exchange:         The first tool on the ecosystem is the exchange, which will enable Spot Trade, Futures, Peer to peer (P2P) Trades,         Staking, Sport betting, and Over the Counter Trading.

The Launch Pad.     The Launchpad is to help agripreneurs scale their project through DeFi system of raising funds and this will feature:

  • The Launch Pad to help agricultural projects raise capital to scale.
  • Acceleration Hub to train, mentor and build agricultural startups so they can attract finance.
  • Training Hub. A decentralized training hub for people to acquire knowledge and support.
  • Service Community. (Gonadesk) A decentralized community for service providers to attract freelance jobs and provide supports to agripreneurs.

Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at

Project Monitoring Team.          This is a third party company that verifies and monitors projects on behalf of investors to be sure that the projects are actual, ongoing as planned and provide periodic report on the project.

Precision Farming and Data Centre.    In order to be sure of accuracy of data and ensure efficiency as well as effective production. The precision farming organizations will also gather projects’ data and distribute it to necessary stakeholders.

Trusteeship and Insurance.        The ecosystem will ensure that all assets of investees are in the care of a trustee and comprehensively insured. A standing policy is that projects must also be insured.

Media and entertainment.          The ecosystem will feature high quality media production to show case projects and their achievements.

Market Access.       Integration of blockchain based market place to help farmers sell their produce, products and services.

Community.    There will be a huge community of all issuers, as a fellowship with the view to making the ecosystem social and better.

Blockchain Based Banking Solutions

  • Gonapay –    For transaction settlements, documentations and savings.
  • Gonacard –    ATM linked to wallet that can be spent globally.
  • Gonafin.        –    Finance option for loans and other fintech supports.
  • Gonasearch  –           In partnership with institution of learning, researches will be conducted on agriculture in Africa. Some of the profits or projects and /or donations from users will be applied to research to improve Africa’s Agriculture. Gonasearch will thus contribute to agricultural growth in Africa through researches and data gathering to help agriculturist improve their work.
  • Gonachain.   Gonachain will support development of diverse Blockchain solutions for agricultural operations, data and trade for the future of transparent agriculture.
  • Gonaverse.  The Gonaverse is a virtual reality environment for the players in Africa’s Agriculture.
  • Gonadesk. A working environment of free lancers, designed to assist users of the ecosystem by providing them with relevant services.
  • NFT Market Place for trading of Non Fungible Tokens.
  • Agricultural Virtual Real Estate. Simply building and management of agricultural real estate assets, first on the virtual world and then in the real world.
  • Games. Agriculture should be fun and if possible earn from the fun.

Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at

 The Network.

  • The Token/Coin Issuer. The coin issuer is the individual/company who has given investors opportunities to invest in his business through the issuance of tokens. He is the one that eventually receives the proceeds of the token sales and utilizes that for the agricultural project.
  • The Dealer/Broker (Over the Counter (OTC) Traders). The dealer Broker or the OTC Trader is the trader who has the additional privilege of being able to trade directly over the counter at better rates than the exchange.
  • The Base. The Base of the project that the issuer invests the proceeds in. The Base also has the privilege of getting more investors apart from token holders.
  • The Exchange. The Exchange is the decentralized trading platform where coins and token holders can trade their coins for other coins, tokens and FIAT.
  • The Traders/Users. A trader is any user on FarmKoin or other tokens on the ecosystem that holds any of the coins or tokens and may be willing to trade it off at some points.
  1. Structure of Ecosystem. The Ecosystem is structured in a way that allows the raised capital to be utilized in real-time agriculture. The Base receives investments directly into its project or through the token. While the Base engages on projects with the money raised, the investors may trade their digital securities on the exchange at the prevailing market place. The assets of the token issuer will be handed to a trustee, who may liquidate the asset should the coin issuer default. The assets will also be fully insured to minimize horizon risks. The Project monitoring team will continuously monitor and report the activities of the issuers to the investors to ensure that the issuers are updating their investors.

Download White paper here

To learn more please download the whitepaper at

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